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Scrubber system Questionnaire

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Volume (Flow Rate) :  m3/hr, acfm, scfm, kg/hr
Design Temperature :  °C
Operating Temperature :  °C
Design Pressure :  bar (g), kg/cm2 (g)
Operating Pressure :  bar (g), kg/cm2 (g)
Allowable pressure drop :  mm H2O or
Draft Required :  mm H2O
Composition ( Including contaminant )
Component PPM INLET % BY volume / wt. OUTLET %BY volume / wt. % Removal Required

If gas contains Solid or Liquid Particles

Quantity :  kg/hr
Inlet Load :  gm/m3, mg/m3
Outlet Load :  gm/m3, mg/m3
Density :  kg/m3 ( Specify whether true or Bulk Density )

Characteristics (Check)

Abrasive :
Corrosive :
Soluble :
Insoluble :
Hydroscopic :
Sticky :
Other :

Particle size Distribution

Particle size Distribution
Size Range % by wt/count ( Specify ) % Removal Required
Source of Fume :
Reason for Removing Contaminant :

Scrubbing Liquid

Available pressure :  kg/cm2 (g), bar (g)
Inlet Temperature :  °C

MOC (material of construction): PP/FRP/SS316/SS304/MS


Past Experience

If other types of scrubbing equipment have been used on this application, please summarize your experience, including type, whether or not satisfactory, and reasons:


Include additional description, sketches, flow sheet, chemistry, calculations, etc., to further assist in the overall evaluation of your application